About me

Always curious about the things of life. Seeking for new challenges, I go to places, meet people, observe the way they carry themselves.

Their words are instantly transformed into colours and pictures that inspire my work.

I am an Interior Designer since I was nineteen, all these creative years have taken me to interesting places.

I love good wine and good food. I adore my two golden retrievers, Jenna and Rusty.

I’m a traveler and a dreamer.

They say...

Stella is inspiring like a star. Her name has not been given to her by chance. A luminous personality, who radiates her love of creative beauty and inner force. She transformed both our houses into our own unique stellar systems. Stella is passionate with her work, deeply devoted and a great listener. She is smooth and gentle, strong and a hardworker. She is idealistic and practical at the same time, imagine that! She has been a true gift to my life as a beloved cousin, good friend and the best interior designer ever! Refreshing ideas, applied aesthetics, diversity, authenticity, great with problem solving and an achiever of worthwaiting results. Trust me this girl can get the best out of anyone and finish the job in excellent terms. Stella we love you. Meeting with your creative mind, we are now able to feel and enjoy your beautiful touch in our home every single day. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

Niki Andrikopoulou | Petros Dellatolas
House in Lagonisi | Bookshelf

They say...

Stella is the embassador of the notions you have in mind, about your project, with reality. Whether it is about a house, a store, an office, a concept, she will always live up to any expectations and follow the line of your thought until it comes to life. She dives in the heart of the project applying functionality, beauty, adaptation to the environment, sustainability and new trends. Stella will follow your project from its birth up to its finish, will listen to your anxieties and suggestions and intergrate them to the final concept. She is flexible, eager to create, problem solver and never afraid to offer new ideas which improve the original one. A valuable asset in the planning, constructing and meta-phase with advices concerning function and following trends. Me and my partners feel very grateful, our paths crossed, and we created Warehouse and Wisecup concept together.

Giorgos Kanopoulos
co-owner of Warehouse and Wisecup

They say...

I know Stella for a lifetime and I wasn’t expecting nothing less from her. She is a very creative and elegant person with lots of fresh ideas and those characteristics are absolutely reflected on her work. She creates your project taking your personality and needs into consideration, in order for them to be fully expressed. We collaborated on different projects so far, our restaurant, and an island apartment, so one thing I can say for sure for her is that when it comes to work, she is a highly motivated and result oriented person. I am lucky to know her for so many years and grateful that we created both my personal and my business space.

Rena Beka
co-owner of Huaca

They say...

Stella is one of a kind! She is one of the most reliable and pleasant collaborators we have ever had. Apart from being an innovative designer, she has an overwhelming kindness that helps everyone involved in the project, overcome difficult situations and eventually reach the desired result. She is extremely prompt, always available to listen to your needs. We had an excellent cooperation and I hope to repeat it in the near future!

Demis Siderakis - Eleni Kexagia
Owners of Altar

They say...

Our collaboration with Stella was beyond our expectations. What we really liked was the fact that she’s a good listener and adapted our need to her elegant aesthetics. The final result made us feel like our personal initial idea become true and we and our customers felt the renovated space like home. Stella’s minimal, relaxed, comfy and professional style is a fact that surely make us want to work with her again.

Mike Papatsimpas
Materia Prima wine bar Owner

They say...

I know Stella since we were teenagers! She was always very passionate about everything she did and wanted to be perfect at it. When she started studying in order to be an interior designer I asked her "is this what you really want?" and from the answer she gave me I knew she was going to be a great one! Every project is a new inspiration to her and she carries it out with passion and joy. She focuses on detail, listens to your needs and delivers the best solution based on them. The first time she saw the place that she later "transformed" into my Pilates studio she said "don't worry It's going to be perfect!" And she kept her promise! Thank you my dearest Stella!

Maria Louiza Vourou
Owner of MLP Studio Pilates

They say...

Stella's aesthetics and deep design knowledge make her very adaptive to any situation that may come up during the demanding proccess of a new project making. Her creativity and passion for the job makes her the best associate I could have.

Spyros Papastamatatos
18 THE JOINT Owner

They say...

When we first met Stella we realised that our cooperation would be great. The reason why is she immediatly understood the vision we had about our new place, plus being so friendly and proffesional at the same time made everything easier. We are really thankful, for making our dreams about our new "home" come true.

Aggeliki Antoniou - Ioannis Piperakis
Doctor Pepper Tattoo Owners

They say...

Stella’s passion about her work along with her innovative thinking, makes her the right person to successfully deliver the project you have in mind, beyond your initial expectations. Her experience helps with all the problems that might occur during the making, and she makes sure that your place will have a unique atmosphere that reflects your personality with her finessed touch. I’m grateful we worked together on this and determined that all my future projects are hers to handle .

Dionisis Vasiliadis
Owner of Vino Etcetera

They say...

Her inventive thinking, her imagination, her efficiency make the collaboration with her very productive! The fact that she is not dependent on trivial ideas, clichés and "musts" make the end result ... wow!.

Viktoras Christou - Paraskevi Tanou
Viktoras cafe Owners

They say...

Stella has a flare, a talent, and an ability to transform our scattered thoughts to a beautiful aesthetic place. She is incredible and the most accommodating person we could imagine.

Spyros Katsaganis - Andreas Katsaganis
Circa Owners